Rubber Stamp Carvings

I wanted to make a rubber stamp of my logo to stamp on envelopes, so I thought it would be fun to make one myself! I went and searched on the web what supplies I would need to get started, and it turns out you do not need much at all to get started in stamp carving.

xiaotuneko logo stamp
xiaotuneko logo stamp carving

Basically you just need these 3 items: a rubber printing block, stamp carving tool, and ink! Below listed was what I had bought for making a stamp carving of my logo and a cute rabbit πŸ˜€

Rubber stamp carving tool:
Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment #1

Rubber Printing blocks:
Speedy-Carve Rubber Block
Blick E-Z-Cut Printing Blocks

Ink Stamp Pads:
Ranger Archival Dye Ink Stamp Pad

I printed my logo out and traced it on a tracing paper with pencil, then transferred it onto the printing block (the image will look backwards on the printing block). Then I went ahead and started carving around the pencil lines. The printing block is very soft so it’s very easy to carve!

Here’s the finished product of the cute rabbit carved πŸ˜€

stamp carving of a rabbit
cute rabbit stamp carving

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