Pokemon Leafeon Coptic Stitch Binding Sketchbook

I made another coptic stitch binding book! This time it’s made with sketchbook quality paper for the inside pages.

Pokemon Leafeon Coptic stitch book
Pokemon Leafeon Coptic stitch sketchbook


coptic stitich binding materials xiaotuneko
coptic stitich binding materials

Making the Inside Pages / Signatures

I took 20 sheets of sketchbook quality paper and folded them into halfs. I stacked 5 of them together, so there’s a total of 4 signatures, each signature has 5 sheets (10 pages when folded in half).

Making the Front / Back Cover

I measure out the size of the signature and took 2 pieces of 8.5×11″ chipboard and cut it slightly bigger than the signatures.

Then I took the Pokemon Leafeon illustration I made and printed them into 8.5×11″ sticker sheets. You can also just print it on a regular paper and use glue to stick it to the chipboard.

I covered the chipboard with the front cover Pokemon Leafeon sticker paper, and did the same for the back cover. On the inside of the covers, the center still shows the chipboard so I took a thicker piece of white paper and cut it big enough to hide the chipboard part.

Coptic Stitch Binding the Sketchbook

I used coptic stitch binding to make the sketchbook. First I poked 6 holes into each signature and also the front and back covers.

coptic bookbinding signatures holes xiaotuneko
coptic bookbinding signatures holes

I followed this great tutorial on how to coptic stitch a book: DIY Coptic Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial by Sea Lemon.

Below is the finished product 😀

Coptic stitich binding inside cover
Coptic stitich binding inside cover
Pokemon Leafeon Coptic stitch backcover
Pokemon Leafeon Coptic stitch backcover
Pokemon Leafeon Coptic stitch binding
Pokemon Leafeon Coptic stitch binding

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