Cute cat stickers for Gboard Keyboard

I created a set of cute animated cat stickers for the Google GBoard keyboard! So you can use the stickers on any messaging/chat applications. It’s available on the Google Play Store for purchase!

How to install and use the sticker pack on GBoard

After you’ve installed the sticker app from the Google Play Store, go to your messaging/chat application, then click on the GBoard options (either the google icon or right arrow icon above your keyboard). If you don’t have GBoard, you’ll need to install that first.Click

1. Click on the “right arrow” or “google” icon above your keyboard on your phone.
Sticker pack how to add to Gboard

2. Click on the “sticker” icon.

Sticker pack how to

3. You should be able to see the sticker pack now!

Sticker pack how to add to GBoard

Here’s a video of me using the stickers on GBoard 😀

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