Best Epson Print Color Setting for Printing Illustration

Epson Print Option Paper Type

I use an Epson printer – the WF-7510 printer. It’s a pretty good printer that is able to print out nice photo images. I made several photo and illustration prints testing out each of the printer setting for the best color reproduction, and I found changing the printer setting to this specific set created the […]

How to create a website for artists

I thought it would be helpful to write a post about how artists and illustrators can easily create a website showcasing their work. There’s multiple services you can go with for making your website. The first option is a website run on the free WordPress content management system, and the other option is to go […]

Cute cat stickers for Gboard Keyboard

Cute cat sticker pack by Xiaotuneko

I created a set of cute animated cat stickers for the Google GBoard keyboard! So you can use the stickers on any messaging/chat applications. It’s available on the Google Play Store for purchase! How to install and use the sticker pack on GBoard After you’ve installed the sticker app from the Google Play Store, go […]

Making Coaster/Pot Holders with Iron-On

Iron on cutouts on fabric xiaotuneko

I made some letters and Pokemon cutouts using Iron-on and Cricut Maker! Making the Pot Holders/Coaster First I made the pot holder using some jean fabric with thermal batting inside. Making Cutout with Cricut Maker Then I created some letters and Pokemon silhouettes using the Procreate app on my iPad Pro (with transparent background). Then […]