Best Epson Print Color Setting for Printing Illustration

I use an Epson printer – the WF-7510 printer. It’s a pretty good printer that is able to print out nice photo images.

I made several photo and illustration prints testing out each of the printer setting for the best color reproduction, and I found changing the printer setting to this specific set created the best color.

Depending on your Epson model, the print properties module will probably be different, but with mine, I go to Properties > “More Options”, then select “Custom” under Color Correction section.

Epson Printer Setting – Set to “Custom”

Then in the Color Correction window, I select “Color Controls” under Color Management and then select “Adobe RGB” for the Color Mode. I leave everything else as is.

Epson Color Correction setting
Epson Color Correction setting – Adobe RGB

Depending on the paper you use, also set the Paper Type closest to the one your printing your illustration or photo on. The Paper Type affects the amount of ink that’s used to make the print. I use thicker matte paper most of the time so I would choose “Premium Presentation Paper Matte” and see the Quality to “High Quality”.

Epson Print Option Paper Type
Epson Print Option Setting Paper Type

After finding out this print setting for my Epson printer, my print colors were much more natural and has the color reproduction closest to the screen monitor 🙂

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